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Thermoplastic Resin BR-110

Item No.: BR-110
Also named thermoplastic road marking resin, light color bead, modest softning point is at 110°C, also can be used for basketball & tennis court, various types of adhesive etc.
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CAS No.: 94581-17-6
EINECS No.: 305-516-2
Formula: N/A
Other Names: road marking resin, thermoplastic road marking resin


Also named thermoplastic road marking resin, is a type of thermoplastic resin that designed for road marking paint, It is mainly made of rosin that compound with high polymer, unsaturated dicarboxylic acid & polyalcohol, processed with condensation and esterification, and then add thermal stabilizer & light stabilizer for the purpose of making road marking paint.


» Thermoplastic road marking resin is environmental friendly material with non toxic & no abnormal odour.
» Comes with light shielding, ultraviolet absorption, radical scavenging, peroxide decomposition, active oxygen killing.
» For the main material of road marking paint, thermoplastic road marking resin has features of wear resistance, non-pollution, modest leveling and fast dry.
» Excellent at color retention.


AppearanceLight yellow bead
Softening   point  (R&B)   °C110 (±5)
Acid   number (mgKOH/g) max20-25


» Thermoplastic road marking resin can be used for road or traffic marking paint.
» Basketball court marking paint.
» Tennis court marking paint.
» Various types of adhesive.


Wrapped up with kraft bag, 25kgs/bag, 32bags/pallet, for 20’FCL, it can load 16 tons with pallet (20 pallets / 640 bags), and 18 tons without pallet (720 bags).

road marking resin,thermoplastic road marking resin

Storage & Transportation

Sealed well and stored in cool and dry place, can’t be stored and delivered together with pyrophorus, strong oxidants & acid.


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