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Light Color Terpene Phenolic Resin BX-930

Item No.: BX-930
Terpene phenol resin also named terpene phenol resin, light color, such a rosin resin is used for various types of adhesive, rubber, coating, ink, electronic circuit, modified plastics etc.
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CAS No.: 68188-04-5
Formula: CH2O.W99
Other Names: terpene phenol resin


Terpene Phenol Resin is a type of light color, high softening and strong adhesive resin. It is excellent additive for CR and TPR adhesive. It has a high performance at adherency, shear force, water resistance, thermostability and so on. Its molecular weight distribution is narrow, and has some polarity gene, so such material is widely compatible with elastics and other resin, it’s solvable in various types of polar agent and nonpolar agent.


» Terpene Phenol Resin is a type of stable resin with strong adhesivity & high softening point.
» Excellent adhesive agent for natural rubber, synthetic rubber and acrylic-based resin.
» Comes with adheancy and shear force.
» Features with water resistance, thermostability.
» Has excellent performance at resisting acid and dilute alkali.
» Features with strong viscosity and electric insulation.
» Compatible with elastics and other resin.


AppearanceLight yellow bead
Softening point (R&B) °C145-160
Color (Fe-Co) max3-6
Acid number (mgKOH/g)45-60


» Hot melt adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesive and other type of adhesive.
» Rubber manufacturing.
» Painting and coating.
» Printing ink.
» Electronic circuit.
» Modified plastics.


Wrapped up with kraft bag, 25kgs/bag, 32bags/pallet, for 20’FCL, it can load 16 tons with pallet (20 pallets / 640 bags), and 18 tons without pallet (720 bags).

terpene phenol resin

Storage & Transportation

Sealed well and stored in cool and dry place, can’t be stored and delivered together with pyrophorus, strong oxidants & acid.

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