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Polyterpene Resin BT-910

Item No.: BT-910
Polyterpene resins are yellow flake form, softening point at 100°C, are a excellent tackifer for adhesive, rubber, coating, ink etc.

CAS No.: 70750-57-1
EINECS No.: 500-245-8
Formula: (C10H16)n
Other Names: polyterpene resins, pinene resins


Terpene resins, also named polyterpene resins or pinene resins. It is a series of liquid & solid linear polymer which primarily consist of α pinene or β pinene of turpentine that are catalyzed by Falk's catalytic, and polymerized by positive ion.


» Polyterpene resins are thermoplastic solid that is transparent, light yellow and fragile.
» It comes with non-toxic, odorless, radiation resistance and anti-crystallization
» Is stable at oxygen, heat, and light environment.
» Polyterpene resins can dissolve well in various compounds.
» Has excellent performance at resisting acid and dilute alkali.
» Features with strong viscosity and electric insulation.
» Polyterpene resins don’t dissolve in water and ethanol.


AppearanceLight Yellow Flake
Softening point  (R&B)   °C100 (±5)
Color (Fe-Co)2-7
Acid number mgKOH/g1
Lodide number (gi/100g)40-65
Saponification value (mgKOH/g)1


» Polyterpene resins can be used for hot melt adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesive and other type of adhesive.
» Rubber.
» Painting and coating.
» Printing ink.
» Anti-rust oil for package.
» Chewing gum.


Wrapped up with kraft bag, 25kgs/bag, 32bags/pallet, for 20’FCL, it can load 16 tons with pallet (20 pallets / 640 bags), and 18 tons without pallet (720 bags).

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Storage & Transportation

Sealed well and stored in cool and dry place, can’t be stored and delivered together with pyrophorus, strong oxidants & acid. 

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