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Maleated Rosin BM-150

Item No.: BM-150
Maleated rosin is flake solid form and a type of modified rosin that made of further processed gum rosin- By Maleated Rosin Manufacturers.

CAS No.: 8050-28-0
EINECS No.: 232-480-4
Formula: C24H32O5


Maleated rosin also named maleic rosin, it’s flake solid made by addition reaction of quality gum rosin with anhydride maleique via vacuum treatment. To compare with original gum rosin, maleated rosin is higher at softening point, it has carboxyl activity, so is very active in reaction, it comes with acidity to be good at anti-oxidation. For paper-making, it can be used as sizing agent as its dispersity & utilization rate are better than gum rosin, can save the manufacturing cost. Esterified raleated rosin can be used as intermedia in paint, coating, printing ink and adhesive.


» It’s better than original gum rosin at softening point.
» Has active reaction ability.
» Good performance at anti-oxidation & durability.
» As sizing agent for paper-making, can save the manufacturing cost.


Color (Fe-Co) max8
Softening point (R&B,°C) min108
Acid number (mgKOH/g) min220
Saponification matter (%) min275
Machinery impurity Content (%) max0.06


» Sizing agent for paper-making.
» Painting & coating.
» Printing ink..
» Adhesive.


Wrapped up with kraft bag, 25kgs/bag, 32bags/pallet, for 20’FCL, it can load 16 tons with pallet (20 pallets / 640 bags), and 18 tons without pallet (720 bags).

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Storage & Transportation

Sealed well and stored in cool and dry place, can’t be stored and delivered together with pyrophorus, strong oxidants & acid.

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