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What Is Gum Rosin?

colophony rosin

What is Gum Rosin?

Gum Rosin is a solid form with semi-transparent and light yellow, also named Greek Pitch or Colophony. It is made of viscous liquid resin that obtained from pine tree, after take out the turpentine from the resin with process of vacuum distillation, the remainder is filtered to become the finished products. The quality grading includes X, WW, WG, N, M & K.

Gum Rosin features high softening point & acid value, and has special chemical activity, it can be dissolved easily in many organic solvents, and esterified and neutralized with carboxyl, and reacted by double-bond, disproportionated, hydrogenated and polymerized to optimize its physicochemical property. Gum rosin can be widely used in manufactures of paper, coatings, inks, rubbers, soaps, electronic industrial products, food grade ester gum, rosin ester resins etc.

CAS No.: 8050-09-7
EINECS No.: 232-475-7
Formula: C19H29COOH