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The Features & Applications Of Glycerol Ester Of Rosin

Glycerol Ester Of Rosin also called ester gum, is made of gum rosin and glycerol ester with esterification process.

It comes with light color, non-odor, thermostability and inoxidizability. Soluble in various types of solvents, such as petroleum hydrocarbons, aromatics, ester, ketone, gasoline, benzene, acetic ether, acetone, turpentine and so on, insoluble in water and alcohol. Can be widely used with many polymers such as NR, CR, SBR, EVA, SIS, SBS etc.

Ester gum can be used as excellent tackifier and binder for adhesive products, such as EVA, SBS, SIS etc. Can be polymerized with plant oil for phenolic paint, and improve the hardness and brightness. In addition to adhesives and coatings, Glycerol ester of rosin can also be applied to food processing, for beverage, content less than 0.05% can improve its opacity and lifelike appearance to natural fruit juice. Content less than 0.1%, it can be the gum bass of chewing gum, and improve the flavor and delicate, last the fragrance long.