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The Difference Between Gum Rosin And Ester Of Rosin

Gum rosin is made from natural rosin that collected from pine tree, and come through refining process, it can not only be direct used in varous industries,  but also can be the basic material for other further processed pine rosin products.

Ester of rosin has gum rosin as basic material and processed with polyol ester, polyol ester usually include glycerol ester and pentaerythritol ester. Compare with gum rosin, ester of rosin has higher softening point (90-110°C) and acid number between 10-20, so it can has more application. Glycerol ester of rosin and pentaerythritol ester of rosin can be applied to coating and ink, but pentaerythritol has better fast-dry, hardness & glossiness, not only that, it has better water-resistance, alkali-resistance and faster solvent release. If you want to enhance the color stability and other performances of ester of rosin, you can use polymerized rosin or hydrogenated rosin to instead of gum rosin, the softening point of ester of polymerized rosin is higher than ester of rosin, but hydrogenated rosin is lower.

In addition to coating and ink, ester of rosin also can be used widely used in hot-melt adhesive, pressure-sensitive adhesive, rubber, tackifier and binder of road marking paint and so on.