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The Application Of Phenolic Resin Has A Bright Future

Phenolic resin has high temperature resistance, impact resistance, low smoke and chemical resistance, low cost, excellent performance so that it is now in competition with the thermoplastic, in many areas have been widely used. Some specific applications of phenolic resins are as follows.


1. Transportation Car Seats / Aircraft Seats, Exhaust Pipes, Heat Insulation Boards, Protective Coverings, Bus Interior & Exterior Decoration Materials, Aircraft Tailstock, Interior Decorating Boards, Armor Materials, Insulating Materials, Cars, Racing The engine cover, the synchronous motor, the train, the subway and so on the car door, the window frame, the floor and so on.


2. Building insulation panels, both inside and outside the decorative panels, ceiling and other fire materials, doors and windows frames, fire doors, channels, floors, stairs, pipes and so on.


3. Military rockets, tanks, explosion-proof vehicles, submarine interior materials, decks, window frames, sealed doors, thermal bullet-proof components, lifeboats, fire extinguishers. Phenolic carbon / carbon composite materials for rocket motor hood, rocket nozzle, nose cone, carbon / carbon brake pads (aircraft, military). Phenolic honeycomb structure for the aircraft to rice, ceilings, bathrooms, interior trim, but also for marine, automotive and sports facilities, also used in oil fields.


4. Mine ventilation pipe, gas pipe, transport vehicles, vehicle interior and exterior panels, seats, drainage system.


What can be expected is that phenolic resin will continue to develop with the application areas to obtain faster and more rapid development.