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How Many Types Of Water Based Resin?

Water based resin includes water based acrylic resin, water based alkyd and epoxy ester resin, water based saturated polyester resin, water based epoxy resin, water based polyurethane resin and the so on.


Water based acrylic resin: This type of water based resin has the largest production outlet, the is most widely used. It can be polymerized with emulsion: the use of emulsifier emulsification, polymer polymerization initiated in the water emulsion, mainly used in interior and exterior wall paint, wood paint, plastic paint and other industrial anti-corrosion paint and topcoats, such as coil coating. Application features: good anti-sagging, fast drying, shine, poor fullness, construction is easy to produce bubbles.


Water alkyd and epoxy ester resin: a self-dry system, water anti-corrosion coating has been widely used, such as automotive chassis, steel structure and other industries have been quite mature.

Features: Compared with the solvent slow drying, due to the neutralization of the role of the polymerization of cross-linking oxidation is not very effective. At present, many self-drying alkyd and epoxy ester applications are baking at 80-100 . This kind of resin is used for baking paint, which can make up the deficiency of self-dry cross-linking. It can be used in all kinds of metal protection and decoration. Features: Because of such systems contain oil molecules, the wetting of the paint is good, the film has excellent luster and fullness, cost at the end.


Water saturated polyester resin: This kind of resin is also through the salt-forming mechanism of water, used in high-grade amino paint and coil coating.

Features: This resin has excellent film hardness and processing performance, excellent weather resistance and corrosion resistance, these products are now in volume production, in the amino paint (electrostatic spraying) and coil coatings are applied.


Water epoxy resin: There are three water way: plus emulsifier, the use of amine curing agent emulsion epoxy resin, epoxy molecules in the introduction of hydrophilic groups. Such resins abroad a few years ago in the domestic promotion, but in the drying time and the final performance there is a gap. In recent years there are several domestic professional production of water epoxy business, in the two-component epoxy anti-corrosion coating application has a considerable scale.