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Fuctions Of Gum Rosin

1. Soap Manufacturing

Resin soap is made from gum rosin that being boiled with soda or caustic soda, it featured with detergency, soluble well in water, can easily dissolve grease, gum rosin can prevent the soap from cracking and deterioration.

2. Paper Making

    Gum rosin can be used as sizing material for paper making, put it in the pulp and add some alums, the rosin permeate in the fiber when being heated, it can be able to resist water and prevent ink ink penetration, and improve the intensity and evenness of paper.

3. Coating

    Gum rosin is soluble well in various types of solvents, can easily build a layer of film with gloss, it's the basic material of coating and paint, it comes with gloss and fast-dry, can prevent the coating layer from falling off.

4. Printing Ink

    Gum rosin can be the chromatophore for printing ink, it can improve the adhesion between ink and paper.

5. Adhesive Products

    It's the basic material of adhesive products, such as hot-melt adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesive and rubber tackifier etc.

6. Rubber Industry

Can be used as the softener of rubber, it can effectively improve the elasticity of rubber products.