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Hydrogenated Rosin 1100

Item No.: 1100
Also named hydrogenated rosinate, is one of the further processed & modified rosin, it’s made of gum rosin and Pd/C catalyst - By Hydrogenated Rosin Supplier

CAS No.: 65997-06-0
EINECS No.: 232-475-7
Formula: C20H32O2
Other Names: hydrogenated rosinate


Also named hydrogenated rosinate, is one of the further processed & modified rosin, it’s made of gum rosin and Pd/C catalyst, melted under high temperature and high pressure to make it hydrogenated. Hydrogenated rosinate has good performance at anti-oxidation, thermal stability, light color, low brittleness, strong bonding, non-toxic and no peculiar smell. It can be widely used in manufacturing, such as synthetic rubber, adhesive, painting & coating, printing ink, paper making, electronics, soap, food and so on. In the synthetic rubber manufacturing, such a material can not only be used as emulgator, but also as plasticizer, tackifier and softener, it can substantially improve the features of products.


» Good at anti-oxidation & thermal stability.
» Light color, low brittleness & strong bonding.
» Non-toxic and no peculiar smell, can be used as antioxidant for food.
» Has excellent activity, can be used as emulgator, plasticizer, tackifier and softener for synthetic rubber.


Color (Net Gardner)4-6
Abietic acid (%) max2
Dehydroabietic acid (%) min10
Softening point (R&B,°C) min72
Acid number (mgKOH/g) min160
Unsaponifiable matter (%) max7
Dehydroabietic acid (%) max0.02
Absorbed by oxygen (%) max0.2


» Can be used as emulgator for synthetic rubber manufacturing, it can enhance the finished product’s intensity, thermal endurance, rub resistance and durability.
» Coating & adhesive.
» Water-based pressure sensitive adhesive..
» Chewing gum.


Wrapped up with kraft bag, 25kgs/bag, 32bags/pallet, for 20’FCL, it can load 16 tons with pallet (20 pallets / 640 bags), and 18 tons without pallet (720 bags).

hydrogenated rosin,hydrogenated rosinate


Storage & Transportation

Sealed well and stored in cool and dry place, can’t be stored and delivered together with pyrophorus, strong oxidants & acid.

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