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Rubber Resins Include disproportionated rosin,hydrogenated rosin,terpene phenol resin and so on.


It's been a long time since rubber existed, initially, we simply produced rubber from pectin that taken out from rubber tree, and it's called natural rubber. With the development of chemical technology, rubber material can be polymerized with various types of monomer to make synthetic rubber. Nowaday, rubber products are widely used in many industries and our daily life.

We have several type of rubber resins, Disproportionated Rosin can be applied to productions of chloroprene rubber & styrene butadiene rubber, it can be used as the polymerized emulgator, not only that, disproportionated rosin also can be plasticizer and bonding material. Hydrogenated Rosin is also an excellent emulgator for synthetic rubber, it can also improve tackiness, intensity, thermostability, abradability and processibility, in addition to tackifier, hydrogenated rosin has activation to be filler and plasticizer. For the adhesive additive, on of our rubber resins is Terpene Phenol Resin, that can enhance rubber's malleability and toughness.


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