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Ink Resins include alcohol soluble resin,phenolic resin,terpene phe​nolic resin and so on.


Ink is an indispensable material for printing and press industry. The ingredient of ink is very similar to coating, including pigment, filler, additive, solvent , and the most important part is bonding material, it’s ink resins, such a material can tightly attach the pigment and other materials to the surface of paper and other printed matters, and prevent the ink from coming off, further more, ink resins can improve the glossiness, flowability, fixation and printing flexibility, so the bonding material is the crucial thing to cause the quality of printing.

With regard to the resin that is suitable for ink, the ideal resins are Alcohol Soluble Resin, Phenolic Resin and Terpene Phenolic Resin.

For water based ink, we can choose Alcohol Soluble Resin, it can be dissolved in alcohol solvent that is fast-dry and non-toxic, and it comes with high softening point and can make the ink more glossy.

Phenolic Resin also features with high softening point and fast-dry, can improve the character of ink, and can feel the sense of texture & solid on the printing.

For lasting the longevity of printing, Terpene Phenolic Resin is the desirable option, it comes with hight softening point, strong adhesion and refractoriness, can be used as tackifier for ink, in addition to the glossiness, it also has water-resistance and anti-corrosion.

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