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Water White Rosin,Polymerized Rosin,Alcohol Soluble Resin,Terpene Phenolic Resin Are Ideal Materials For Welding Flux.

Rosin is very import to aid the welding process of electronic products, we   can call it welding flux, it can help enhance the heat conduction and remove the oxide and oil stain on the connection point, not only that, welding flux can also prevent it from oxidization. The further processed rosin and resin products, such as water white rosin, polymerized rosin, alcohol soluble resin and terpene phenolic resin, have more activation for welding flux, that can reduce the residuum on the connection point, and largely improve the welding efficiency and quality of electronic products.

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welding flux,water white rosin,polymerized rosin,alcohol soluble resin,terpene phenolic resin


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